Nuts and bolts

One of the most generally used fixing in the world today is the simple, but extremely effective nut and bolt. They are used in all aspects of our daily lives, from holding our vehicles together, through to holding top strength applications such as crash barriers in place.

Nuts and bolts come in a big range of sizes in both modern and imperial metric standard. They can be bought in stainless steel and plain steel. There is a preference to use nuts and bolts of stainless steel as they are not so prone to rusting, where as if you use plain steel for fixing something outside that is naked to the elements then you are likely to find the fixing rusts so quick, that in 6 month time you will not capable to undo it. So care is required when choosing your fixing.

A bolt is basically a screw with a blunt. Both of these kinds of fastener have a “thread” which is fundamentally a raised ridge winding in a spiral around the shank of the screw or bolt. The big difference between them, anyway, is the fact that a bolt is always accompanied by a nut to work perfectly. The nut typically also has a thread which permits it to be twisted onto the bolt so that the 2 adjacent surfaces that need joining are squeezed between the bolt and the nut head and thus held together.
Internal_and_External_Thread Anyway, even though bolts and nuts stay together through a blend of interlocking threads and torque it is easy for grip of the pair to loosen over time even though the nut was actually properly tightened. Fortunately, it is likely to remedy this by using smooth metal discs known as washers. Washers provide a smooth surface for the bolt or nut head to grip and can support to distribute force evenly.

Internet totally changes the world of buying and of course selling. Nowadays, you can also buy nuts, bolts, fasteners, and hex nuts through internet. Our main area of business is presently Ireland and UK. We at Staqoo offer the widest range of building materials especially in fasteners. Our main product range includes screws, washers, bolts and nuts. We trust in providing high quality products to our customers in a convenient way.
You can also connect us through social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google + etc. to keep abreast with our new products, discount, prices and other offers. If you have any concerns or queries or you want to give us an advice you can call our efficient customer representatives or email us at We are based in Virginia, Co. Cavan, Ireland.


Author: Tom

CEO at Staqoo Virginia

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